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Impressive Searchandising

It’s like entering a retail store, screaming out your buying desire fuzzy into the room and immediately getting the most relevant products served by a seller.

What is Exorbyte Commerce Search?

Exorbyte Commerce Search is our intelligent, error-tolerant in-store search with powerful, sales-boosting features. The search engine stands out due to its combination of accurate error-tolerance, performance and customizability.
This allows your visitors to find the products they require very quickly and easily, even in the event of unexpected inputs or typos. For instance, if “xayspirin” is entered, the search will still find relevant aspirin products.
Visitors Become Customers
Visitors to your shop will find it considerably easier to find and purchase products. User-friendliness is increased. The motivation to buy in your shop is strengthened. The likelihood that the customer will make a repeat purchase is increased.
Your Shop Search is Crucial to Your Sales
Many studies have shown that the search feature is the key control for online shops and particularly important to sales. Up to 80% of shoppers use the search function almost exclusively to find a product – and this figure is rising. Commerce Search, Exorbyte’s intelligent product search engine, is used in many situations such as online shops, price comparisons and online portals, and its impact is significant:
  • The conversion rate is increased by up to 80%
  • Sales are increased by up to 30%

How Does it Work?

Exorbyte Commerce Search is a true cloud solution and integrated into your store in minutes - regardless of the shop system. As a shop owner all you need to do is register and perform the 3-step integration wizard:
  • Step 1: Specify product feed URL
  • Step 2: Prepare integration
  • Step 3: Integrate HTML code line
You're done! Now you can customize your new intelligent search engine extensively. And your shop visitors can already enter any search term, find the desired product comfortably and buy.
Exorbyte Commerce Search reads your product database automatically every night and re-indexes it afresh. Thus, the current database is always searched. Frequent auto updates are possible as well as manual updates at any time.
By choosing Exorbyte Commerce Search, you will be choosing the most technically advanced and best value intelligent in-shop search solution – available in the cloud and locally installed. It has been proven to increase usability, conversions and sales.

All in 3 Minutes

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For demonstrably more conversion, usability and sales. Thanks to impressive Searchandising.

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