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For Demonstrably More Usability, Conversions & Sales
Intelligent Search
Very likely to return a hit and fast with a high tolerance for errors and when handling large volumes of data.

Language-independent processing of unexpected searches (and errors)
Typos, singular/plural, alternate spellings and homophones, multi-word combination searches and other variations.

Integrated did-you-mean function
Automatic did-you-mean suggestions integrated in the full search and no longer needed as an intermediate step.

Superior search technology
Multiple award-winning and technologically superior high-speed search and error tolerance.

Dynamic Search Navigation
Quickly and easily refine search results using appropriate facets / filters.

Guided post-search navigation
Appropriate facets / filters will appear on the results page after a search is submitted. This allows the hit list to be narrowed down conveniently.

User-friendly real time widgets
Can be used intuitively and pre-set by the shopper: Multiple choices of facets, price slide control, lists/gallery view, results per page, etc.

Add and configure own facets
In addition to the standard filter categories, manufacturers and price, you can create any other type of facet, which can also be individually configured, for example, the facet display behaviour or sorting within the facet.

Intelligent Auto-Suggest
Whenever a search entry is made, all products are immediately scanned – with a tolerance for errors – and updated in real time in the drop-down box.

Real time customer advisor
Hits and suggestions with all settings affecting the results during search text entry.

More than auto-complete
Search entries aren’t just automatically completed. The entire entry is immediately recalculated and compared to all products with each new entry in the search text.

Merchandising Modus
Designed and developed for user-friendly and operator-friendly sales promotion.

Meets shoppers’ expectations
The search serves as a customer advisor. It thinks and guides the visitor to the desired product.

Meets the expectations of shop operators
Search results can be manually and automatically influenced based on the visitor’s behaviour.

Campaign Manager
Conveniently manage automated, time-controlled marketing and merchandising with campaigns.

Prepare and terminate campaigns
Automatically publish various elements (target pages, rankings, etc.) at a set point in time.

Control settings in groups
Allocate any number of elements to a campaign and conveniently control the elements from a single location.

Ranking Generator
Order search results (products, brands, categories, etc.) to promote sales – manually or automatically.

Span databases with global ranking
Determine which entries should be revaluated or devaluated and how strongly in the Management Console.

Single product related searches per local ranking
Revaluations and devaluations that should only be applied to certain products can be easily set directly in the feed.

Intelligent rankings based on user behaviour
Rankings are automatically prepared based on your visitors’ click behaviour. You can then conveniently control these rankings.

Alias Manager
Manage as many aliases / synonyms as you like and determine their exchangeability.

Span databases with global aliasing
Determine which aliases should be revaluated or devaluated for which feed entries and how strongly, as well as whether or not the word relationship can be reversed, in the Management Console.

Single product related searches per local aliasing
Aliases that should only be applied to certain products can be easily set directly in the feed.

Use included standard aliases
You can turn 1,000 aliases from various branches on or off at any time with a click.

Upload your own alias lists
Upload your own alias lists and conveniently manage your lists in the Management Console.

Target Pages Manager
Redirect specific search terms to specific target pages.

Use thematic pages and website content
Pages not included in the product catalogue can be easily tagged as keywords and made available in the search.

Determine keywords and hit titles
Determine which search terms should lead to target pages and how hits should be displayed.

Zero-Hit Management
Use zero hit results effectively for better marketing and merchandising.

Convert zero hits for profit
Intercept terms that are not found and turn zero hits into aliases or target pages with a click.

Turn the zero hit page into a sales page
Put whatever you want, e.g. bestsellers, recommendations, contact info, on the zero hit page with your own HTML code.

Analytics Engine
Valuable information on your visitors’ search behaviour – what are they searching for, clicking on or not finding, and how.

Comprehensive search term analysis
You can view and email yourself detailed lists and graphics showing which, how many, where, when and how successful searches were formulated.

Track and assess zero hits
Find out which searches led to zero hits and how often and use this insight to easily and effectively improve marketing and merchandising.

Directly integrate Google Analytics
Use Google Analytics to further analyse your searches. Simply turn on the site search in Google Analytics.

Online Management Console
You can completely control and configure the entire system per web interface without any programming skills.

Conveniently manage features and functions
Practically every function can be extensively managed and configured with just a few clicks.

Configure look & feel per click
Easily adjust the design and layout of the auto-suggest function and results pages. Play with the shapes, colours, fonts, formats, sequences, thumbnails, etc.

Multi-User Management
Allow multiple users with individual access capabilities and rights to manage your projects.

3-Step Integration
Integrate in 10 minutes – as easy as child’s play. Simply prepare the product data feed, enter the integration parameters and copy the HTML code to your shop. And you’re done.
Updates & Releases
New inclusive features, improved functions and system updates included. Your product data feed is also automatically indexed every night to keep it up-to-date.
Fast support for technical questions and problems, weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET (except German bank holidays). Comprehensive support cases and individual programming customizations available under affordable conditions.
Site Search *
Error-tolerant full text search of the entire website in the same search field.

Search of entire website incl. files
The entire website incl. files like PDFs, Word and PowerPoint files, etc. are crawled and made available in the search index.

Relevant hit preview
Hits are shown on the results page with the surrounding text passage. The search terms are highlighted within the text.

Individually configure the crawler
The crawler can be individually configured, for example, what to crawl and when. This allows document types to be selected or identical standard text to be filtered.

Dynamic Site Navigation *
Use your product facets for normal page navigation.

Filter and refine before a search
A dynamic navigation, in which the product list can be conveniently refined using appropriate facets / filters, opens when shoppers use the normal menu navigation.

Shorten and improve click sequences
All central functions and widgets for the dynamic search navigation are used and simplify the path to finding the desired product.

Facet Generator *
Automatically extract facets from continuous text and make the facets available in the dynamic navigation.

Facet generation based on content
Any facet, such as colour, size, rating and other characteristics, can be recognised and extracted based on the information in your product data.

Facet extraction from all data fields
Facets can be generated from all data fields. From dedicated or existing fields, such as name and description.

Feed-Update Management *
Automatically complete multiple product data feed updates every day. Ensure that your product line is always up-to-date and conveniently control the updates with your own cron jobs.
Product Data Optimization*
Take full advantage of your product data. Optimise your data quality for better sales and an even better search. Have your data analysed, cleaned of duplicates, clearly structured, categorised and faceted where needed and the way you want it.
Advanced Customization *
Whatever your wishes or needs, Exorbyte Commerce Search can be completely individualised and configured. We can even develop custom functions for you upon request.

* Additional features, optional


What Would be the Costs?

Determine Your Estimated Monthly Rate

Simply choose how many products your database contains, how many search queries you have per month & if you want the logo discount.

Do not know how many products or searches do you have?
No problem. In the 30-day trial we determine your figures so that you can select the correct specification when ordering.

The price includes all costs excl. additional features. The prices of these optional features are available upon request. There are no update costs, no hidden costs. The minimum contract period is only 1 month.

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Do it Like Your Colleagues

Benefit from Significant Advantages

By choosing Exorbyte Commerce Search, you will be choosing the most technically advanced and best value intelligent in-shop search solution. The search engine stands out due to its combination of accurate error-tolerance, performance and customizability. As a true cloud solution it is integrated into your store in minutes and it has been proven to increase usability, conversions and sales.

Higher conversion rate, larger orders & higher revenue
For most shoppers, in-store search is the key tool for finding products. Online stores are not limited in floor space. They stock many hundreds or thousands of products but can only display a few at a time on a small web page. An optimized product search is the key to increased revenue.

100% SaaS search solution (hosted search) for simplicity and effficiency
Exorbyte Commerce Search is integrated into your store in minutes with a simple code line which you add to your store template. It’s that simple. Additionally, SaaS software services guarantee you always have the most recent version of the software at no extra cost.

Multiple award winner for durability, sustainability and security
Selfmade in Germany – Exorbyte is a global company from Konstanz in Germany and exclusively offers proprietary search solutions. Several awards, entrepreneurs and innovation prizes and many well-known customers confirm the high standard and consistency of our actions.

High-end solution for complete reliability, security and stability
Every customer service is hosted on our fully redundant server infrastructure hosted with high-quality data center services. Even if one of the servers goes down, your services are still fully operational. Furthermore we use as a true cloud solution only very high quality hardware technology.

Strong goodwill with temporary peaks in demand for fairness and satisfaction
Depending on the season, or peak sales times, you may need to exceed your reserved quota from time to time. That’s not a problem. We want you to increase your sales and won’t clamp down on you. Depending on the time period you initially requested from us, you can exceed your quota by up to 20% on an occasional basis – without needing any upgrade!

30 days free trial and no strings attached
You can test Exorbyte Commerce Search now for 30 days on this website. The package you choose is fully functional. There are no license fees. You can change the package you choose at any time. Once you have seen the value of this tool for yourself, you can place your order.

Fast integration into any shop system, whether developed in-house or standard
In shops of Magento, xt: Commerce, osCommerce, OXIDE, omeco, Yahoo!, and any other shop system integrable – using simple steps. Integration is even possible with niche systems within a short time.

Seamless scalability for the growth-oriented store
Exorbyte Commerce Search is based on our high-end search engine for large, structured data sets. Millions of data entries are searched within milliseconds, in a way that’s highly error-tolerant and intelligent. Daher bildet die Suche als Cloud-Lösung steigende Shop-Bedürfnisse problemlos ab – selbst bei sehr hohen Ansprüchen. Exorbyte Commerce Search wächst nahtlos mit.

Clear, fair prices for transparency and predictability
No hardware or software costs, no release and update costs, no hidden costs. We lay our cards on the table from day one, so that you know where you stand. Even before the thirty-day trial period, you can see in our prices. And it’s good to know that if you choose a longer period, Exorbyte Commerce Search works out at better value for you.

Fast support for smooth processes and customization services
If you have technical questions or problems, we are very happy to help by email at support(at)exorbyte-commerce.de. Even with adjustments that need to be programmed individually, you can use our support on request with favorable conditions.