• Done in 3 Steps

    Exorbyte Commerce Search is generally easily integrable in all shop systems.
    Just sign up and follow the 3-Step-Integration-Wizard:

    • Step 1: Specify product feed
      Specify the URL where your product feed is stored. Prepare your feed as described below.
    • Step 2: Prepare integration
      Specify your shop URL and a few minor integration parameters.
    • Step 3: Integrate code
      An individual html code snippet is generated. Just paste it into the head-section of your website.

    And you’re done! Now you can customise your new intelligent search engine extensively.

    Technical Support

    For technical questions, we are happy to help, e.g. on integration and data feed.


    Instructions for the Preparation of Product Data

    Supported Data Formats
    Exorbyte Commerce Search accesses your product information via a URL (password protection is optional) which is automatically indexed for searching. This requires that the product information is exported in a supported format. Several common data formats are supported. Usually, these can be created or exported directly from your shop system.

    If you need help for this, please click on one of the formats. There you will find clear instructions on creating the respective data formats. CSV (tab), Excel CSV
    Google (UK, US) CSV (tab), XML RSS1, XML RSS2, Atom 0.3/1.0 XML
    Elm@r CSV (tab), Excel CSV CSV (tab), Excel CSV, Shopping XML
    Yahoo Yahoo XML
    Data Field Names & Tips
    aid id privateid Merchant SKU id Product number; is not displayed
    name title name Product Name description Product name (required); is displayed
    link link url Product URL url URL linked to product details page; used when the user clicks on the product
    price price price Price baseprice Price; unit-separator character must be “.” (e.g. 5.99); standard facet; is displayed on results page, can optionally be displayed in Auto-Suggest
    brand brand brand Brand / Manufacturer brand Brand; standard facet; is displayed on the results page as facet, can optionally be displayed in Auto-Suggest
    shop_cat product_type type Category ID / Category Name path Product category; standard facet; is displayed on the results page as a facet, can optionally be displayed in Auto-SuggestNote on format: If the Category_ID field is present, the category IDs of the shopping format during import are replaced by the relevant category descriptions.
    isbn, ean, mpnr isbn, mpn, upc isbn, ean ISBN, MPN, UPC, EAN isbn, ean, mpnr Other product numbers; is not displayed
    desc description longdescription/ shortdescription Product Description caption Product description; is displayed on the results pageNote on the Elm@r format: Longdescription or Shortdescription: If Longdescription is present, then only this is searched.
    image image_link pictureurl Image URL picture URL to the product image
    dlv_time availability deliverable Estimated Ship Date availability Availability; arbitrary content (e.g.: in stock / dispatched in 3-5 days / delivery date on request), can be used for displaying delivery status on the results page (please contact support for details)
    bias bias bias bias bias Bias; to bias the ranking of individual products (Local Ranking); values: 0 to 100Important: If you use biasing, all products must be assigned a bias value. Products without a bias value are evaluated as 0 and are thus devalued.
    alias alias alias alias alias Alias; additional keywords for the product; words are not displayedNote: use concise terms with which the product should additionally be found; do not use long descriptions, but rather 1 to 3 keywords
    filter filter filter filter filter Filter; filter attributes of the product as a key-value pair which can be used for prefiltering, e.g. Shop-IDs, language (please contact support for details); Several attributes are concatenated with “&”, format:
    key1=value1, value2&key2=value1,value2
    Individual facets Individual facets; use different data fields, to add your own resp. shop specific facets; any naming possible
  • General

    What is Exorbyte Commerce Search?
    Exorbyte Commerce Search is an advanced intelligent search engine for online stores. It replaces the existing search engine of your store. Exorbyte Commerce helps visitors find what they are looking for, regardless of obscure search terms, typos, and misspellings. This can significantly improve conversion rates and sales.
    How to start the 30 day trial?
    Click here on „Try it now for free & without obligation“ and register in the online management console. You can now use this test service in your store. You can use your trial period to integrate our search engine in your website, make adjustments if needed, and discover every detail of the functions of our search. You can even do so in staging mode, a method for viewing the new feature without making them live to all your visitors. All adjustments you made during the trial period will be saved for your final order.
    Is the 30 day trial really free?
    Yes. This is a true 30 day free trial (you don’t need a credit card). There are no hidden costs. The trial period ends automatically after 30 days. Users simply agree to our general terms and conditions.
    How do I place a final order for Exorbyte Commerce?
    Ordering requires a user account in the online management console. You can obtain one by signing up for the trial first. Just sign up for a 30 day trial. Once you have logged into your account, click on “order a project” in your project overview and follow the instructions.
    What languages does your search engine support?
    Exorbyte Commerce is language-independent and can therefore be used for different languages.
    I have got an online store in three languages. Do I have to create three projects?
    Yes, you have to use three packages, create three different projects and import the according data sources.
    I do not want your logo to show up (white label version). What do I have to do?
    You either uncheck „Logo „powered by exorbyte“ shown“ when you start your 30 day trial or you can upgrade later in the online management console. Please note that you save 20% when our logo is shown.
    How do I benefit from an intelligent search engine as an online merchant?
    Many prospects leave stores simply because they cannot find what they are looking for. Most standard store search engines are just not intelligent enough. Exorbyte Commerce ensures your customers will be directed to their desired products quickly and easily thus encouraging more conversions despite misspellings or fuzzy search terms. Exorbyte Commerce provides online merchants enhanced usability, better conversion rates, and simply more sales.
    How do my customers/visitors benefit from an intelligent search engine?
    Visitors expect to be understood by your product search engine – no matter how inaccurate, fuzzy or faulty the search terms are. With Exorbyte Commerce your visitors can enter search terms how they like. Almost every unexpected search term will be understood and delivers relevant results. Visitors do not have to understand the logic behind your store to find what they search. Visitors find what they search for fast and easily, thus usability is improved creating more loyal repeating customers.
    Does an intelligent search engine also pay off for small online stores?
    Yes, because visitors use the search engine primarily to find a product. A visitor does not know if your store is a small or big one, if your store has only 100 or 1.000 articles. In small stores the same rule applies: The search engine is the essential element and the visitors expect professional quality.
    What does SaaS stand for?
    The abbreviation SaaS stands for software-as-a-service and it means that you use software and IT infrastructure of the provider, so you do not have to take care for compatible hardware, software, maintenance or availability.
    How fast is the search engine? Does it matter that the product is a SaaS solution?
    Due to the advanced technology, use of high-performance servers, and an efficient infrastructure, Exorbyte Commerce works extremely fast with the ability to search millions of data records for each individual search query.
    How does your search gets access to my product data feed?
    We get access to your product catalog contents through a product feed. Product feeds are special URLs pointing to a file which contains an extract from your catalog in structured formats (CSV, XML, etc.). You already use these feeds for sending your catalog data to Google Shopping,, etc. Details on the feed formats we accept or how to make your own feed can be found on the left tab of this page.
    Which company stands behind Exorbyte Commerce?
    Exorbyte Commerce is a product of exorbyte GmbH located in Konstanz, Germany with an additional office in the UK, holding several awards. The search solution is based on the in-house developed data search engine Matchmaker. Exorbyte’s search solution is worldclass with regard to high error-tolerance, hit security, speed, customizability, scalability and hardware efficiency.
    I have a special question and do not know what to do. Do you have support?
    Contact technical support when you have questions or problems via email or contact form. Our contact information is on every web page in the upper right hand corner.

    Contracts & Billing

    How long is the contract and the cancellation period and how can I pay?
    If you lease Exorbyte Commerce you have the choice between a month-to-month or annual contract period. In the case of an annual contract period you get a discount of 12%. The payment period is linked to the contract period. The cancellation period is 10 days before the end of the contract period. Otherwise the contract is prolonged as long as the chosen contract period. You have to pay in advance for the chosen contract period. You can pay via bank transfer (only with annual contract period), debit or paypal.
    Which options do you offer regarding buying or leasing of the search solution?
    The search engine for online stores Exorbyte Commerce shown on this website is offered as a SaaS solution hosted on our high-performance servers and can be leased. It is easily integrated and highly customizable via the online management console. If you need further customization or if you have special wishes you should use the extremely customizable product version of Exorbyte Commerce, which is usually hosted on customer servers. This product version can still be leased or bought. For further information please contact us.
    What does an upgrade cost?
    Upgrading to a higher package is possible at any time. Your monthly fee simply increases accordingly.
    What does further customization cost?
    These questions are answered on a case by case basis as it generally depends on the amount of customization necessary. Please contact us with details regarding your customization and we will provide a prompt proposal detailing the cost for your individual project.
    What happens if the booked peak search query limit is exceeded?
    In this case you are informed via email that your search query limit is exceeded and you are asked for upgrading to the next higher package. If your search query limit is exceeded temporarily, seasonally, or due to a sales promotion we tolerate small overages of the search query limit without the necessity of upgrading depending on the length of the previous contract period.
    What happens if the booked number of products limit is exceeded permanently?
    In this case you have to upgrade to the next higher package. This can be done at any time in the online management console.
    Where can I find the general terms and conditions?
    You can find the general terms and conditions here.

    Integration, Technology & Security

    Which eCommerce platforms are supported?
    Exorbyte Commerce works with all standard eCommerce platforms. Just follow the 3 steps as you can see on the left tab of this page. You should just be able to add a code snippet to your website.
    How complex is the integration? What do I have to know?
    The integration is done very easy and fast. The basic integration is done within minutes. Almost no HTML skills are necessary. In principle you just need a clean export of your store data and the possibility to paste a little code snippet in the head section of your website. Find the exact instructions on the left tab of this page (Done in 3 Steps”). If you have questions or encounter any problems please feel free to contact technical support any time.
    In which way does my store data have to be prepared and provided?
    Your store data has to be accessible via a URL of your choice (if needed also password protected) and has to be provided in a supported data format. Many standard export formats are supported. You can find further detailed instruction on the left tab of this page (Instructions fo the Preparation of Product Data”).
    Do I need special hardware or software? Are there any technical restrictions?
    No special hardware or software is needed. Just the following minimum requirements should be met, which are generally a standard by now:

    • Use of browsers with activated JavaScript respectively Active Scripting and the following minimum versions: FireFox 3.5, Internet Explorer 7, Chrome 4, Safari 4
    Is it possible to uninstall the search engine without problems?
    Yes, you just have to disable Exorbyte Commerce in the online management console. After that your standard search engine will be reactivated. If you intend to disable Exorbyte Commerce permanently we also recommend removing the code snippet from your website.
    Is it possible that the intelligent search fails? How fail-proof is the search engine?
    By using high-performance servers and an efficient infrastructure the risk of failing is very small. In principle we guarantee an availability of 98% per year. For more information please note the general terms and conditions. However, if the intelligent search engine fails the standard store search will be reactivated immediately.
    What happens to my data?
    You need to export your store data from your ecommerce system to a URL of your choice so that Exorbyte Commerce is able to import the data. You can password protect this data. The data is then imported by Exorbyte Commerce and after that protected from access to third parties. Your data is only used for the intended purpose and no data is given to a third party. Data privacy remains intact at all times.

    Features & Functions

    How does the error tolerance work in the search engine?
    The error tolerance of Exorbyte Commerce is based on several algorithms, which try to understand the search term mathematically. Especially one algorithm is used which is scientifically considered to be the most robust, the Levenshtein-Algorithm. Thus unexpected (faulty) inputs are interpreted correctly with great accuracy.
    Why do I need error tolerance? Why not use a list of words with all false spellings?
    To make a list of false spellings does not make much sense, because with such a list you are only able to interpret expected faulty spellings. But the much bigger part of faulty terms consists of unexpected inputs like a character too much or less. To make a list of faulty spellings of every article is neither efficient nor effective. The search term has to be understood intelligently using intelligent algorithms. A list of words in the terms of aliases is reasonable in contrast. With aliases you are able to match terms with different spellings but same meanings like “ceran stove” and “glass-ceramic cooktop”.
    Is the complete data searched through with every search?
    Yes, every product record is always searched, both in the auto-suggest and the full search.
    Is the Auto-Suggest error tolerant?
    Yes, two aspects are important here. On the one hand the Auto-Suggest searches through the complete database and not just a small fraction of it. On the other hand every modification of the search term is taken into account immediately, so that the search term is not just completed like with an Auto-Complete functionality but a real comparison takes place with the complete data base instantly and extremely fast.
    How can I configure the search engine?
    Many adjustments are possible via the online management console. For example you can define aliases, adjust rankings, add filters, customize the look & feel to your website and much more.
    How close can I match the look & feel of the search engine to our website?
    You can customize almost every aspect of the Auto-Suggest like border color, background color, font size, distances etc. On the result page you can adjust the number of results and if the result page shall be display in gallery or list view mode. All adjustment can be viewed and changed in the online management console. Further individual customization is possible. Please contact technical support for more information.
    Is it possible to modify the layout so that it looks exactly the way I want?
    Some aspects of the layout, like the look and feel of the Auto-Suggest, can be set in the management console under “Project Settings”. Further customisation of the layout is possible via CSS but at your own risk. To achieve this you include your own CSS file with the parameters you want to change and overwrite the standard values.
    Click on the element you want to change in a web developer tool like Firebug for Firefox. The CSS parameter and the according value of the design element will be shown. Add this parameter to your own CSS file with the new values you want to set. Please make sure that your CSS file is loaded after the exorbyte stylesheets, so that it overrides the standard settings.
    Is it possible to show product images within the Auto-Suggest?
    Yes, it is possible to show product images within the Auto-Suggest. The image size can be adjusted in the online management console.
    Can I define and add own filters?
    Yes. But the according filters/facets have to already exist in the data source.
    Is it possible to combine filters/facets with multiple choices?
    Yes. It is possible to enable multiple filter/facets within a filter/facet group. It is also possible to combine multiple filters/facets over multiple filter groups. The filters/facets have to exist in the according data source.
    Is it possible to define word lists respectively aliases/synonyms?
    Yes, you are able to define them either directly in the data source or in the online management console. If you use the first alternative the aliases only refer to the according data field/article. If you use the second alternative the aliases work over the entire database. You can also adjust how narrow the similarity of the two terms shall be interpreted. Furthermore Exorbyte Commerce is equipped with 2.000 predefined intersecting aliases which can be easily enabled via mouse click.
    Is it possible to adjust the ranking of the results, e.g. to display top sellers on top?
    Yes, it is possible to adjust the ranking of the results by using “weighting values”. Products and search terms can be ranked up or down however you like. This way it is possible to adjust the results in order to place special offers or top sellers, specific manufacturers, categories etc. on the top positions of the result page. This ranking affects both the result page and the Auto-Suggest results.
    Can I find out more about the search behavior of my visitors?
    Yes, you will get meaningful analysis via the integrated reporting tools. Here you can find out what your visitors were searching for, which search terms have currently been used most frequently, which search terms returned no results, and the times at which your visitors used the search engine the most etc.
    Is it possible to use other reporting tools like e.g. Google Analytics?
    Yes, Exorbyte Commerce is automatically connected to Google Analytics, if you use Google Analytics on your website. You simply have to activate the site search functions of Google Analytics and configure it with just a few mouse clicks. You will find further information in the help section of the online management console. If you intend to use another reporting tool please contact technical support.
    Is there a gallery view of the result page?
    Yes, the result page can be viewed in gallery or list view. Your visitor is also able to switch between the two view modes via one mouse click.
    Is it also possible to search order numbers?
    Yes, it is possible to search order numbers. But to do so it is necessary that the according data fields already exist in the data source.
    How often is the index of the search engine updated?
    Every night. On demand shorter update cycles are possible. Please contact technical support for details.
    In Short

    Exorbyte Commerce Search is impressive searchandising. It’s like entering a retail store, screaming out your buying desire fuzzy into the room and immediately getting the most relevant products served by a seller.

    Commerce Search in 3 Minutes

    Technical Support

    For technical questions, we are happy to help, e.g. on integration and data feed.